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Sell. Build. Expand.
  If you're looking to launch your first product in the US and establish your business throughout the America's, it's what we do! Little UpStarts are US sales agents, business and market development specialists. Whether you're an established business or new start up we're the first step in bringing your business to the US and the America's.

Welcome to North America – Your Bright New Market…

We are US sales agents, new business and market development specialists. We help our clients with the challenge of creating and making money from the launch of their first products or in establishing their first business in the North American market.

Bringing Your Business to Bright New American Consumers

Whether you’re looking to launch your first product or establish your first US business, we manage as much or as little of the sales & market development as you require.   We guide you through each process, every step of the way. From understanding the complexities, to overcoming the challenges & taking advantage of each opportunity as we navigate your path to success in the North America.

North America Options & Opportunities

Doing this successfully requires:
  • An established Market Network
  • Knowledge of Potential Routes to Market
  • A Clear Market Strategy
  • Detailed Financial Analysis
  • Carefully Crafted Milestone Planning & Scope Detail

All of the above is underpinned by our deep knowledge & understanding of the North American market, its business culture & our ability to translate our clients needs, their proposition & the exciting opportunities ahead.

Experienced US Guides Along the Way

Entering a new market for the first time, particularly one of the biggest consumer markets in the world, can be a little like undertaking an expedition of Mount Everest.  You may have all the commitment, organisation & tools for the job but would you really take on such a huge task without an experienced guide along the way? Who, at the very least will advise you of the strategic routes, preparation, costs, risks & exposure & the contingencies you'll need to consider before you set off.

Considering the Americas? - Consider Little UpStarts to Guide You...

If your business is in consumer goods and you're thinking of breaking into the US, Canada or Latin America - Your Business is Our Business.... Our Clients find our market insight invaluable, enabling them to make considered choices and effective commercial decisions for their US market development and business growth.

Allow Us to Guide Your Business - Take the Leap to a Brave New Market

Our work is dedicated to sales, new business and market development, taking your product & your business to the markets in North America.   Whether you have a new product, new range or are ready to take the leap with a new US start-up division, this is what we do & why our clients choose Little UpStarts……