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Little UpStarts are US sales agents, business and market development specialists.  Whether you’re an established business or new start up we’re the first step in bringing your business to the US and the America’s. If you’re looking to launch your first product in the US and establish your business throughout the America’s, it’s what we do!

Consumer Electronics

At Little UpStarts we love new technology and the opportunity we get to work with designers & pioneers who have a deep passion for technology, what they do and the amazing ability to turn great ideas into innovative product, improving our everyday lives….

The US market has a strong and deep-rooted reputation for investing in the design and development of new technology and continually striving to bring high tech products to consumers around the world providing solutions for our everyday needs.

With the continuing trend of convergence and products combining integrated features and accessories the consumer is continually searching for the latest and greatest value within the category and products that deliver creative and innovative solutions.

Consumer electronics, one of the most competitive categories where products follows a trend of ever-falling prices leaves businesses in constant search of gains and improvements in efficiencies throughout manufacturing, automation & routes to market.  One of the challenges, even with some successful products is market access, particularly a market the size of the US and the America’s.  At a minimum businesses require deep experience, deeper access to the trade and almost certainly deep pockets for those investing in their first US start up.

Our current clients in consumer electronics task us to work with their HQ in Europe, their manufacturers in Asia and liaise between the two to develop a localized product for the US and the America’s.   We manage all aspects of their business in the market leaving them to do what they do best create great innovate product for tomorrow.

Where We Add Value?

New Start Ups, Designers and Developers - For new start-ups, designers and developers, we review and assess your proposition and its fit to the American trade and consumer market. Where there’s a positive fit and market opportunity we look to provide guidance and representation for your business in the US, Canada and Latin America. Established Businesses - For established businesses that have already experienced success in their domestic and perhaps overseas markets and are now looking to bring their innovative product or range to the US and the America’s we provide full management of your business in the market on the frontline. Core Skills - While our team provides core specializations spanning: Sales, new business and market development, marketing, operations, logistics and finance each of the team have been uniquely drawn together by our experience with new start-ups. Experience & Background - Each of the owners has worked across all of the major markets around the world, both with major corporations and new start-ups in new markets. For all of our current clients this also requires our team to manage product safety and certification, localization and packaging design and development.
Turnkey Solution or Service Selection? - If your business is looking to launch a new and innovative product that you believe brings something unique to American consumers, or you have a range of products where you’ve experienced success in your domestic and perhaps overseas markets and are looking to establish your first US entity we'd be happy to guide you through the options and routes to market. At Little UpStarts we offer our client’s a menu of services where we work with you to determine how much or how little of our services will be required to achieve your market objectives.  Alternatively, our deep-rooted experience and access to the market provides our clients with a full turnkey solution that enables them to focus on product development and innovation and enabling us to focus on building your brand, business and profitable growth throughout the US and the America’s.