New Start Ups

New Start Up’s

For those who may have experienced success in their domestic market & possibly overseas & are now ready to take the leap & bring their product to the buyers & consumers in the US & The America’s, markets of this size and complexity can be a daunting challenge. It can be difficult for organizations to see through the mist of the market without considerable investment in experience to help define their market strategy, one that will lower their risk, reduce their cost and maximise their return.

Establishing your own start up from the ground up can be a very costly venture, particularly if you haven’t invested in the level of market experience required at the right level. Bare in mind, you will also be carrying the cost of the market until gained access, penetration and have an established your proposition in the market.

What We’ll Do – We provide you with two main options:

Turnkey Solution – Here we present you with the options and routes to market, provide the scope detail of all of the tasks involved. We’ll manage every aspect of your new start up & your business in the US & The America’s to get you on the road building your business, your brand and delivering profitable growth.
A derivative of this model will enable you allow at the onset of our service for a progressive transition where you may wish to install your own team.

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