LUS Toys

Each of the owners have a strong commercial backgrounds in the toy industry, spanning, sales, licensing, marketing retail buying, localization, operations and logistics and new start ups.

The toy market is another fiercely competitive category driving by the major toy manufacturers whose vast no. of new products each year & extensive back catalogues make the challenge for a new entrant of being considered for space on the shelf by retail buyers a challenge.

But every now & again an amazingly simple, super creative product makes its way into the market that is totally unitotally novel to the market comes a long and their creator is desperate for an alternative to the solution of signing over their property as a licensing deal.

That’s where we step in….

Licensing Deal – If you want a licensing deal, no problem we’ll get your product in front of the players that will quickly enable you to gauge their interest & the potential of achieving the deal you want.

Distribution Deal – If you’re looking for a distribution deal it will task you with being more involved but we can