Video Game Accessories

LUS Video Games & Accessories

In today’s market, video game accessories are commodities, the category is fiercely competitive and extremely challenging for established brands and even more so for new entrants.

The top end of the product spectrum presents consumers with high end, aspirational brands, on trend product ranges that bring something unique to the category.

At the mass market end of the spectrum is a vast array of highly competitive ranges at aggressively competitive price points.  Here the demand of  ‘more for less’ and continued integrated technology is ever present.

For new entrants, the need for deep experience, a strong network and market access are critical. The ability to get the product in front of the trade, demonstrate its UPS’s and offer your range at competitive prices are equally critical if you’re to be considered as serious vendor for listing. With new consoles, platforms and game genres all taking advantage of new video game accessory functions and features the continual stream of integrated and new technology sets the benchmark high.