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Little UpStarts are US sales agents, business and market development specialists. Whether you’re an established developer or a new publisher to the US we’re the first step in bringing your business to the US and the America’s. If you’re looking to launch your first product in the US and establish your business throughout the America’s, it’s what we do!

Video Game Publishing

Video Games is one of the most progressive and competitive industries in today’s market with an estimated global value in excess of $100 billion and by nature of its foundation in technology continually in transition.  Whether via the emergence of new technology and the launch of new console platforms or the increased reach and progressive growth, importance and impact of social and online gaming.

The owners at Little UpStarts have more than 65 yrs experience and broad backgrounds in video game publishing, having worked for some of the industries premier publishing houses: Microprose, Sierra Online, Vivendi Universal, Time Warner, Warner Brothers, LEGO, Take Two, The Game Factory, Kalypso Media and 505 Interactive.

Our clients have immediate access to in-depth knowledge & experience across all areas of business management, 1st party licensing and approvals, localization, packaging development, production, logistics, operations, sales, new business and market development, marketing, licensing and finance.  Our extensive network of industry contacts gets your business in front of the market players that count.

Our team have been uniquely drawn together by our experience with new start ups.  We’ve established and managed new start up divisions for major industry players in new markets and tackled the challenges of new start up businesses without the safety of a large corporate umbrella.

Who We Work With?

Developers – We work with mid tier developers that have a great track record for delivering of compelling and immersive games. Many development teams have worked tirelessly behind the scenes to deliver great game play for some of the most high profile publishers in the industry. As developers look to delivering a digital proposition to consumers, the early stage of transition between retail & digital delivery still leaves business on the table via the traditional model shipping boxed product. At Little UpStarts we close the gap between the two business models enabling developers to take advantage of revenue at the shelf.

Non US Publishers - We work closely with publishers outside of the US that have enjoyed success in their domestic markets and in some overseas and may have experienced obstacles in securing 1st party license approval or a re-publishing agreement enabling them to launch their new releases in the US and the America’s. You may have a smaller portfolio of games under your belt and this has required you to focus on your domestic market. What We Do - We’ve created a model that enables us to manage all aspects of your business in the market, strategically & tactically getting your product in front of 1st parties and the trade & managing all aspects of your new releases & the business management behind the scenes. We'll bring your back catalog and new releases to the market operating as your US entity, reducing the in investment of your own local division. This enables you to maintain control of your business while we manage it on the frontline.

Where We Add Value?

Core Skills - Each of the owners has crafted their career over many years in the video game industry.  While our team provides core specializations spanning:  Sales, new business and market development, marketing, operations, logistics and finance each of the team have been uniquely drawn together by our experience with new start-ups. Experience & Background - Each of the owners have worked across all of the major markets around the world, both with major publishers and new start-ups in new markets.  For all of our current clients this also requires our team to manage 1st party licensing, approvals, localization, packaging design and production, along with all other aspects of the business management on the territory. Turnkey Solution - The business model of 1st parties is such that a we provide a full turnkey solution to managing your business on the ground.  1st party license approval requires an established US entity. While we offer your business a vast menu of services access to the trade, a strong network of market vendors combined with our deep-rooted experience enables our clients to focus on developing great games and enables Little UpStarts to focus on launching your brand and new releases, building your business, delivering profitable growth throughout the US and the America’s.