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From Market Advice to Market Advance…

The North American market place can be a daunting challenge for new businesses.  One of the biggest consumer markets in the world, rife with complexities each and every step of the way.

It’s often difficult for organisations to see through the mist of the market without considerable investment in experience, where they may still struggle to determine the best market strategy that: lowers their risk, reduces their costs & maximises their return.

Typically our clients needs fall into four main categories:

Advice and Guidance – We’re asked about everything:  Sales, product performance criteria, the trade, retail and distribution, packaging and localisation, operations and logistics, legal, accounting and tax liabilities, office leasing & employment terms. There are many areas we are happy to guide you in.  Where more specialist support is required we have partners and specialists who are experts in their field and ready to provide additional back up for all our clients business needs.

Sales & Product Launches – Whether you’ve experienced great product performance in your domestic market or believe you’ve created new product with great potential for a new market – We welcome the opportunity to evaluate your potential in North America.

Selling and launching your product directly & establishing a local entity in the US is a significant step in capitalisation, market committment and overhead.  We have a full sales network with sales representatives providing national coverage & regional access to all of the markets major retailers, distributors and wholesalers.

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