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We’re a small organisation which allows us to maximise our efficiencies & in the current economic climate, that's a real bonus.   Those on the team you meet, will be those that do the work & drive your business in the market

New Start Up for Little UpStarts

Our team were bought together in 2011, a small group of entrepreneurial business execs, each with experience across the US consumer goods industry (consumer electronics, entertainment and licensing, video & digital gaming, video game accessories).

With corporate & new business backgrounds, our clients benefit from the teams core specialization’s in sales, new business development, marketing, operations, logistics and market development.  Each of the team has been uniquely drawn together through their in-depth experience with new US Start-Ups.

Who Are We?

Independent – We’re independently owned by founders Leah Wright-Williams & Nic Ashford.

Specialists – We work with a network of US specialists – lawyers, accountants and designers etc all readily available, should we need to tap into their expertise to contribute to our clients development & market success.

No Waste – There’s no wasted overhead, no juniors organising us or liaising with you & this is how we like it, enabling us to get as close as possible to your business, ensuring our output is based on your needs.

Cost Efficient -Management Effective…

Working between the two markets (UK & US) tasks us with being cost efficient & management effective. The combination of home & virtual offices enables us to manage our clients business across multiple time zones & work the unsociable hours, so you don’t have too. Our business model keeps the costs down, which gets passed on to our Clients.

Where Are We?

UK - In the UK we’re based in North London.

US - The US is at the heart of our business, which is why we have two small offices:
  • Mid West - Ohio (HQ)
  • West Coast - Los Angeles

Where the heart of our business, meets the source of your potential.

We’d like to share our experience with you, please feel free to read our profiles or find us on LinkedIn.   It would be great to connect with you….

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