Why Choose Us

Why Is What We Do Effective?

Market Results – Our team is all about Results!  Our focus is your successful US market penetration & profit.

Market Analysis – We provide our Clients with Routes to Market, Financial Analysis & Detailed Scope of the service & support we provide, each fundamental to our Clients review & decision process.   Together we review the road map ahead where transparency is a regular feature of each of the key milestones and a core value of how we do business.

A Turnkey Solution – Whether you’re looking to launch a range of products or establish your first US business division a turnkey solution may be an invaluable business model.  Our Clients gain benefit from our access & speed to market, at the same time as reducing their risks & costs of establishing a US division directly, leaving us to do what we’re passionate about, establishing new start ups and building their business….

Flexible Fee Models – We offer our Clients a range of flexible fee models, from the traditional time and project based fixed rates to the more considered opportunity of Performance-Based Packages.

What Makes Us So Good At It?

Proven Track Record – US Sales, Product Launches, Market Development and New Start Ups  Everyone at Little UpStarts has a proven track record in US Sales, Product Launches, Market Development and New Start-Ups!  From the rigorous environment of working for global corporations & setting up new business divisions, to the entrepreneurial approach required when launching a new product, in new markets, as a new Start Up without the big corporate umbrella.

Market Experience and Market Access – Our deep market experience combined with comprehensive network and effective market access are key in ensuring our Clients market access, penetration, development & growth.

Partners & Network Specialists – A strong network of partners & network specialists makes trading in a consumer market as vast as The America’s critical ingredients.

Market Comparison & Translations – British & American Founders, give us a transatlantic perspective, ensuring we’re familiar with the markets you’ve achieved success in & culturally appreciative of how that could translate into market opportunities in North America. Our Clients appreciate the North American market is a significant challenge & our ability to translate the task ahead, its opportunities and to recommend a Clear Market Strategy its – What we Do! 

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