US Sales. New Business & Market Development
Sell. Build. Expand.

We launch and sell new products and establish new businesses in the US and throughout The America's.   We are accountable to our Clients for their market penetration, business development and profitable growth in one of the worlds biggest consumer markets.

Why Is What We Do Effective?

Market Results – Our team is all about Results!  Our focus is your successful US market penetration & profit.

Market Analysis – We provide our Clients with Routes to Market, Financial Analysis & Detailed Scope of the service & support we provide, each fundamental to our Clients review & decision process.   Together we review the road map ahead where transparency is a regular feature of each of the key milestones and a core value of how we do business.

A Turnkey Solution – Whether you’re looking to launch a range of products or establish your first US business division a turnkey solution may be an invaluable business model.  Our Clients gain benefit from our access & speed to market, at the same time as reducing their risks & costs of establishing a US division directly, leaving us to do what we’re passionate about, establishing new start ups and building their business….

Flexible Fee Models – We offer our Clients a range of flexible fee models, from the traditional time and project based fixed rates to the more considered opportunity of Performance-Based Packages.

What Makes Us So Good At It?

Proven Track Record – US Sales, Product Launches, Market Development and New Start Ups  Everyone at Little UpStarts has a proven track record in US Sales, Product Launches, Market Development and New Start-Ups!  From the rigorous environment of working for global corporations & setting up new business divisions, to the entrepreneurial approach required when launching a new product, in new markets, as a new Start Up without the big corporate umbrella.

Market Experience and Market Access – Our deep market experience combined with comprehensive network and effective market access are key in ensuring our Clients market access, penetration, development & growth.

Partners & Network Specialists – A strong network of partners & network specialists makes trading in a consumer market as vast as The America’s critical ingredients.

Market Comparison & Translations – British & American Founders, give us a transatlantic perspective, ensuring we’re familiar with the markets you’ve achieved success in & culturally appreciative of how that could translate into market opportunities in North America. Our Clients appreciate the North American market is a significant challenge & our ability to translate the task ahead, its opportunities and to recommend a Clear Market Strategy its – What we Do! 

Freedom to Get Ahead of the Game...

The freedom of a small independent agency creates an environment ideally suited to providing solutions to difficult problems. We work across multiple time zones where the unsociable hours of one market are the prime business hours of another. Our Clients can rest assured that while we we're focused on developing their business they are at the core of ours. We approach each Client and their project with an open mind, a fresh approach and apply a bespoke process.  We judge success as our Clients do, by results rather than the process along the way. The pleasure of what we do each day comes together when we get to share; our in-depth knowledge, understanding of the market, North American business culture & its idiosyncrasies along side the market options & a recommended strategy for our Clients.

How We’re Set Up to Do What We Do?

We’re deliberately small and for now we plan to stay that way, allowing us to focus our energy on the tasks at hand & our Clients needs. We work with a network of specialists, each expert in their field, known and trusted to us through our work in US Sales, Product Launches, Market Development and New Start Ups.
We’re all deeply passionate about what we do, which means we get to focus on the work we love so our Clients can rest assured they get a more committed team. We're focused on maintaining a strategic outlook in managing of our Clients business, whilst still providing a tactical, hands on approach and the front line delivery they can expect and appreciate. Our informal culture ensures strong collaboration with our Clients & the shared responsibility of our Clients business across the team.